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We're on a mission to make sure that everyone can find a path that's right for them.

Access to career information and advice should be a right, not a privilege.

It's a sad fact that career opportunities are often limited for many due to circumstances out of their control: the home they're born into, the neighbourhood they grow up in, or the jobs their parents do.

At CareerEar, we believe people can achieve their full career potential if they have access to sound advice, insights, and are given the encouragement to go for it.


We actively support those who do not typically have networks of support or equal access to opportunities. Through our Q&A, careers content, and skills assessments we empower career-seekers and changers alike to discover their career options; gaining insights from industry professionals and accessing exciting career-related opportunities along the way.

We make navigating career journeys easy for everyone.

CareerEar is a unique community of career seekers and changers, experienced industry workers, employers, community organisations, and training providers.

Our technology brings the right people, data, and tools together to ensure every member of our community can easily achieve their goals. Whether that's finding the perfect future career path, helping others along their journey, attracting engaged local talent, or providing relevant courses and training.

Our Story

Claudine Adeyemi, our founder, was inspired to set up CareerEar after her own experiences. At sixteen, she was homeless and had dreams of being a lawyer but had nowhere to turn for advice and support. Facing almost insurmountable hurdles, she managed to stick to her goal, achieving excellent grades and getting a job at a top City law firm.

Driven by this awareness, and a wealth of experience directly mentoring people and delivering skills workshops, she turned to technology to reach a wider audience. Today, we use the power of our technology to find scalable solutions to address skills gaps and underemployment.

Our work is only just getting started. We know the future of work is fast changing. The impact of automation is already being felt; providing opportunities for new careers and novel ways of working, but also leaving many careers at risk. CareerEar is dedicated to helping those whose jobs are at high-risk prepare by providing the necessary tools, skills and advice to get on the front foot.

Meet The Team

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Claudine Adeyemi

Founder & CEO

I lead, build, support and nurture our team as well as develop our strategies across the organisation

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Precious Ene

Co-Founder & Head of Product

 I ideate and execute our tech and product strategy. Overseeing everything from UX design to devOps

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Boris Bambo

Back-End Developer

 I’m responsible for the server-side web application logic as well as for the integration of the front-end

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Fernando Macias

Front-End Developer

I build all of the beautiful things that you see and interact with on our web app


Philip Adzanoukpe

Back-End Developer & Data Scientist

I ensure the backend development of data services support the web app and make the product a data-driven application


Monir El Haimar

Digital Content Creator

I create, design, shoot and edit the digital content you see on our social media platforms.

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Changing Careers? Power up with CareerEar

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Ask an advisor

Ask your career-related questions to advisers from a range of industries and gain the personalised guidance and insights to get ahead.

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Assess your skills

Understand the skills you have and their transferability to different industries, as well as the skills you need to work on.

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Discover job options

Discover the jobs for you, including roles you’ve never even heard of, that match your skills and find out what it takes to be successful.