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Exploring a career in digital marketing?


A career in digital marketing could be the perfect path for you. Whether you want to launch into a career as a social media expert or strategist, our community has your back. 

Join 100s getting answers to their career questions from industry professionals.

Why a career in digital marketing?

  • Demand for digital marketing skills is on the rise

  • Digital marketing is now relevant to almost every industry 

  • Average salary: £41,637

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How it works

Ask career questions specific to your interests, background and qualifications

Receive tailored advice from industry experts to help you get started on your path

Learn about the skills, tools, and processes you need to become a digital marketer


What People Say

“Thank you so much. You helped me put everything into perspective and made what I want to do make sense to me, really appreciate it.” 


—  Sandra, Career Changer

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