Empowering your people to attract emerging talent

We use technology to empower your people to support emerging talent through content sharing and Q&A as they explore their options and access your opportunities.

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Why partner with attraction and retention specialist, CareerEar?

Strengthen Brand Perception

Get in front of the talent that matters.

Share company-specific content to raise your profile whilst demystifying your company and improving your brand perception.

Attract Diverse Emerging Talent

Enhance your pulling power.

Post and share unlimited career-related opportunities for a low, fixed cost. Including insight days, internships, apprenticeships, graduate and school leaver programmes.

Improve Retention

Motivate and retain your people.

Empower employees to support people thinking about their careers by sharing useful content and answering their career-related questions. Giving employees a greater sense of purpose and creating a positive workplace culture.

Our emerging talent?

Career-seekers looking for their first or new career. Our users range from school leavers to mid-career talent whose potential has yet to be unlocked. Often from ethnic minority or lower socio-economic backgrounds, our career-seekers are hungry to discover and access exciting career paths and opportunities.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential

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Our Offline Services

We are attraction and retention specialists. In addition to using our technology to support your organisation’s talent needs, we provide a range of offline services for our partner organisations.



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