Attract diverse talent to your open vacancies, events and courses

Attract engaged, diverse talent by posting jobs, events and courses in the CareerEar platform.

Share targeted in-platform content to educate our community about your brand, sector or general careers information.


How it works

Post insight days, jobs, events, and training courses specifying who you're attempting to attract

Share articles relating to your brand, sector and/or relevant job functions to help educate members of our community

Invite your experienced employees to join our growing community and earn perks along the way


Why partner with attraction and retention specialist, CareerEar?


Strengthen Brand Perception

Get in front of the talent that matters.

Share company-specific content to raise your profile whilst demystifying your company and improving your brand perception.

Attract Diverse Emerging Talent

Enhance your pulling power.

Post and share unlimited career-related opportunities for a low, fixed cost. Including insight days, internships, apprenticeships, graduate and school leaver programmes.

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Improve Retention

Motivate and retain your people.

Empower employees to support people thinking about their careers by sharing useful content and answering their career-related questions. Giving employees a greater sense of purpose and creating a positive workplace culture.

Our emerging talent?

Career-seekers looking for their first or new career. Our users range from school leavers to mid-career talent whose potential has yet to be unlocked. Often from ethnic minority or lower socio-economic backgrounds, our career-seekers are hungry to discover and access exciting career paths and opportunities.

Our Offline Services

We are attraction and retention specialists. In addition to using our technology to support your organisation’s talent needs, we provide a range of offline services for our partner organisations.

We can assist you through our A&R Consultancy. 


  • We take the time to review your current talent strategies, understand your challenges and create bespoke recommendations to solve those challenges. 


  • We can help you create new strategies or improve your existing ones. 


  • We can also support you to build out implementation plans and assist you with implementation through our team of experts as well as our partners. 



We get a real buzz when it comes to events as they are one of the best ways to engage people and you can get very creative with them. We specialise in events that are a bit out of the ordinary. Our events are fun and engaging for attendees but deliver on the intended outcomes of the organisers.


We can do everything from organising your events through to simply sourcing individuals to attend. We host events on the sites of our partner employers and sometimes host our own events where multiple partner organisations can get involved. 


Our events are targeted at early talent through to mid-level talent and we often engage with senior leaders through our events too.


So whether you want an event in order to engage with emerging talent or you want to improve your brand perception, contact us to discuss your needs and receive a bespoke service from us.

We have a strong network of learning institutions who struggle to support their students with work experience opportunities ranging from Year 12 through to university.


Work experience opportunities are a fantastic way to engage with emerging talent, giving them insight into your organisation and you an opportunity to identify talent that you might have otherwise missed out on. We can bridge the gap and help you to build a meaningful work experience programme and source appropriate students for it.

Work Experience

Why us?

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Team of experienced talent and diversity and inclusion specialists led by Claudine Adeyemi who is a multi-award winning lawyer, entrepreneur and diversity expert and advocate with 8+ years’ experience working with emerging talent. Claudine is regularly relied upon to share her expertise in the media e.g. BBC News, Sky News and the FT and combines her passion for the development of people with her sound business and commercial acumen to deliver exceptional results for partners. Our team of consultants have been trained to deliver the same high standards.

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What People Say

“Thank you so much. You helped me put everything into perspective and made what I want to do make sense to me, really appreciate it.” 


—  Sandra, Career Changer

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