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The ultimate careers support ecosystem for overlooked talent

Connecting your digital, media and tech opportunities, events and jobs with engaged talent ready to take on the world.

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Build stronger, more diverse teams


Powering diverse workforces

Over 80% of our community are from ethnic minorities or low-income backgrounds. Our members are looking for opportunities, particularly entry to mid-level roles in the digital and media sectors.

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Get your career-related opportunities in front of a hugely engaged community of career starters and career changers. We cover digital, tech, and media industries.

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It’s exactly the kind of organisation our ethos aligns with. It’s our job to cover key issues of the world so diversity is always on the agenda. CareerEar is a great way to build on our diverse workforce.”​

—  Thea Halstead, New Statesman Media Group


Your stories

We're delighted to be working with CareerEar. For the first time, we're able to offer access to a digital career support platform to further deepen the impact of our programmes for our participants. The CareerEar team are great to work with too!”​

—  Natasha Preville, The Ascension Agency

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