Attract talent from underserved communities to your opportunities.

With CareerEar’s technology, you can attract talent from underserved communities to your jobs, events and other initiatives by sharing these in our platform.


You can also share targeted content to educate our community on your brand, sector or opportunities with your organisation.


How it works

Post opportunities from apprenticeships to more experienced hire roles, as well as events and open days

Share articles relating to your company or sector to help educate members of our community and demystify your brand

Invite your current employees to join our growing community to give back to your future employees


Why partner with attraction and retention specialist, CareerEar?


Strengthen Brand Perception

Get in front of the talent that matters.

Share company-specific content to raise your profile whilst demystifying your company and improving your brand perception.


Attract Untapped Talent from Underserved Communities

Build a more diverse workforce.

Post and share unlimited career-related opportunities for a low, fixed cost. Including insight days, internships, apprenticeships, school leaver programmes, entry level and experienced hire roles.


Improve Retention

Motivate and retain your people.

Empower employees to support people thinking about their careers by sharing useful content and answering their career-related questions. Give your employees a greater sense of purpose and create a positive workplace culture.

Who is in the CareerEar Community?

1000+ career-seekers looking for their first or next career. Our members range from school leavers to mid-career talent whose potential has yet to be unlocked. Generally from ethnic minority and/or lower socio-economic backgrounds, our career-seekers are hungry to discover and access exciting career paths and opportunities.

Hire Candidates with CareerEar

Advertise your active vacancies to our community of engaged talent from just £200. To find our more, follow the hire candidates link below.

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What People Say

“It’s exactly the kind of organisation our ethos aligns with. It’s our job to cover key issues of the world so diversity is always on the agenda. CareerEar is a great way to build on our diverse workforce.”​


—  Thea Halstead, New Statesman Media Group

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