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Mentor the next generation of digital, tech and media talent

You have a journey and an amazing skill set. Share it with and inspire others in our careers community.

You have the experience, we have an engaged community ready to learn.

CareerEar is the #1 platform for overlooked talent to make career choices and prepare for the future of work.  We’re looking for mentors to join us and share their unique experiences: from how you broke into your industry to how you developed your skills.

Have your voice heard by emerging talent

Answer career questions specific to your interests, background and qualifications

Help shape the future of millions of young people and adult career changers

Share articles and case studies relating to your sector and/or job function to help others learn from your journey

Be a part of something special

Invite other experienced workers to join our growing community and earn perks along the way


What’s mentoring?

Mentoring involves providing informal advice-giving to an individual to support career development. It requires the mentor to have specific experience and aims to help the mentee to navigate through particular challenges they may face in their work.

Do I need qualifications?

Not at all. We’re looking for people who want to share their experiences with our community and provide an insight into their career paths. We just need enthusiasm and a genuine want to help our community.

How do I become a mentor with CareerEar?

It’s simple. Just register, answer the questions to help us know how to match your skill set, and then wait for questions submitted from the community.

How often can I get involved?

As much as you want. You’ll need to register as a mentor and answer questions posed to you on the subjects you’re experienced in. Contribute as much as you want. We want to help you to develop your skills too.

What industry experience are you looking for?

We’re looking for people who work in the digital, tech and media industries. Maybe you moved from customer service in hospitality and now work in customer success in a tech startup. You might have made some other kind of move into the industry. Or perhaps you’re a techy and you’ve progressed through the ranks. As long as it’s digital-focused, you’ll be a perfect fit.

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