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5 Companies That Will Assist You On Your D&I Journey

You want to diversify your company and make your working environment more inclusive - but you’re not sure where to begin. Here are 5 companies that have made it their priority to support employers on their journey to building a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

1. UK Black Tech

Let’s kick off with UK Black Tech - a great organisation that can help with diversifying your company. They are on a mission to innovate and transform the tech industry for the better through promoting and encouraging the emergence of diverse talent. They work not only with local businesses but also communities and institutions, these partnerships act as a way to push representation in an industry that lacks it. Looking for more senior, specialist technical talent - head to UK Black Tech’s jobs board here. Want to engage with mid-senior level black tech talent through events, then get in touch with UK Black Tech.

2. enei

enei is a membership organisation that can assist you with inclusion and equality in the workplace. They provide employers with training & consultancy on topics such as mental health, unconscious bias and being a disability confident etc. Employers who are on the lookout for candidates for any D&I job openings can advertise through enei. If you would like to become a more inclusive employer and build an inclusive workforce, then you can sign up for membership here.

3. The BYP Network

The BYP Network is a company that focuses on connecting professionals to black talent. They are looking to change the black narrative through showcasing the professionalism and skill set of these talented individuals. BYP has a network of 150,000 professionals for employers to engage with through events and mentoring opportunities. If you want help attracting and retaining black talent you can become a corporate partner here.

4. Vercida

Vercida is a service that provides companies with the right tools to become more inclusive. They have training and consultancy available for employers who want to learn about inclusive leadership, mitigating bias and managing a diverse and inclusive workforce. This is done to assist companies with eliminating discrimination from their workplace and ensure that businesses move in a more progressive direction. If you’re wanting to look into ways to improve how inclusive your workplace is, you can get in touch with Vercida here.

5. CareerEar

When discussing the topic of diversifying your workforce we couldn’t possibly miss CareerEar off the list. We have a diverse range of talented career-seekers in our community who employers often overlook. These mostly 16-35 year olds are from the most underserved communities and so it’s our mission to give them equal access to opportunities so that they can advance their careers. Our platform provides unique, tailored career support, opportunities to upskill and re-skill and exciting opportunities to work. We support individuals to make informed career choices and fulfil their career potential regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, sexuality or gender. Any companies on the lookout to diversify their workforce can hire through us.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to diversify and make your workforce more inclusive, then you’re moving in the right direction. Everyone has the right to feel seen and included in at work These 5 organisations advocate for this by providing employers with the necessary resources so that they can better engage with, recruit and include those who are often overlooked and underserved.

If you want to know more about topics like this, why not check out another blog? 😊

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