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7 Ways To Create a Strong Company Culture in The Workplace

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

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Company culture is based on the working environment and relationships between employees and their employers. This culture can be positive or negative depending on the business. Having a strong company culture is something that every employer should be striving for. It not only indicates how great your company is, but most importantly it gives your employees a space where they feel comfortable and satisfied in their roles. In this piece, we’re sharing 7 ways you can create a strong company culture in the workplace.

1. Prioritise having a diverse workplace

To have a strong company culture it’s important for there to be a diverse team. Hiring diversely means that your company offers opportunities to all without discrimination, which creates an environment that everyone can feel comfortable in. A diverse team will also provide the company with a variety of individuals that will all bring something different to the workplace. This will boost innovation and increase productivity which will be beneficial to everyone in your workforce.

2. Get everyone involved

Allowing everyone to get involved is another great way to form a strong company culture, this can be done by asking the team's opinion on certain matters that they can provide insight on. For example, you can run workshops across the company to gain insights before making significant changes such as changing company values or ending your remote working policy

3. Be transparent

Being transparent means that you’re open and honest about what’s going on in the establishment. This transparency should not only be shown to your current employees but also potential employees. You can do this during the interview process, as this is an opportunity to let candidates know exactly what they can expect from their role and how you will support them. Another example of workplace transparency is to have truthful conversations about salaries.

This type of honesty can sometimes prove to be challenging due to the vulnerability that comes with it, but it’s worth it as it will build trust between employees and their employers. It will also allow employees to make informed decisions in the workplace as they are aware of the ins and outs of the company.

4. Create opportunities for growth

If there is a chance for growth, your employees will feel they have something to strive for as they will be advancing in their careers and feel valued as they do.

Opportunities for growth can be implemented by working with companies that have upskilling and reskilling initiatives so that your employees are able to learn additional skills, and then use these skills to enhance their work performance. This will also help with employee retention as they will have the chance to explore a new set of skills or improve on their current skills (see our previous blog for more on employee retention).

5. Acknowledge successes

When someone from the team achieves something great, congratulate them. A lot of employees suffer from imposter syndrome and are unaware of the true value that they contribute to the business or worse - believe that they are not appreciated. You can acknowledge successes by sending them a congratulatory email or publicly naming and thanking them in announcements so that they know that their efforts are not going unnoticed.

6. Organise fun activities

Incorporating fun activities into the workplace will surely help to create a strong company culture. At CareerEar once a month we have a team social and due to our hybrid work model we alternate between online and in person socials. This way everyone has a chance to properly get to know each other, and build stronger bonds.

Most of the time we spend with our work colleagues is work based, this is why it’s important to have moments reserved for enjoyment. This will build a strong company culture as the relationships being built between colleagues will go beyond the workplace.

7. Have company values

Your vibe attracts your tribe, so having company values will cause individuals that share similar values to gravitate towards you. At CareerEar some of our values include collaboration, being dynamic innovators and being biased towards action. These values have allowed us to function together as a team, which in turn has strengthened our company culture.

Final Thoughts

There are several factors that can contribute to ensuring a strong company culture in the workplace. It’s something that may take some time to achieve, but will definitely be worth it in the long run. Everyone should be made to feel comfortable and valued whilst at work, once this is achieved you’ll be on your way to creating a strong company culture in the workplace.

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