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BBC News London Careers Festival!

Last week things got exciting as CareerEar was featured on BBC news at the London Careers Festival!

We are on a mission to make sure that everyone can find a path that's right for them, especially those who are often overlooked by employers and society. This is why we were happy to be a part of the London Careers Festival. This event aligned with our mission as we were able to help post-16 talent on the lookout for future employment by providing them with access to our platform to discover career options that they never knew existed.

We met with many 16-18 year olds and encouraged them to start thinking about their careers, so that they are able to make informed decisions. We even managed to get them to explore other industries so that they were aware of the endless possibilities awaiting them in the future.

Check out the video to see us in action leave us a comment down below letting us know what career you’d like to pursue! 😊

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