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Career Changer Spotlight: Kathryn Tingle

Sometimes, in order to fulfil your potential, you have to try something new, change your path, change your industry, unlearn what you know and be open to learning a new way. That's what career changers do. You can do it too.

We're bringing you stories of individuals who changed careers, they found their why and made the transition. Will you?

👋 Meet Kathryn and find out about her transition management consultancy to becoming a technical programme manager at Sainsbury’s

Before you changed careers, what were you doing?

I changed my career in tech. I previously worked in management consulting. Straight after law school, I joined an organisation helping clients on their transformation journey.

I decided that I wanted to, one move into the Big Four, but also wanted to work more creatively in terms of finding the best solutions. I worked within strategy and operations consulting within the big four, before moving into tech.

Why did you decide that you needed to move away from that career path?

I decided that I wanted to make a way from management consulting because I felt that you're slightly removed from your client as an external consultant.

I wanted to go in-house and bring my management consulting toolkit and all the things that I had learned from working within strategy, but I wanted to bring that internally.

And then also I saw where the world and where business was going from an e-commerce digital tech perspective, and I wanted a bit of the pie.

I realised that it's definitely where the world is going and the sooner I started to build my expertise within that space and deliver digital and tech programs, the better for my career personally.

And what career are you now in? Drum roll please…

I am a technical program manager within the technology business management domain at Sainsbury's tech.

What excites you the most about what you do now?

What excites me the most is the reach in terms of the impact that the programs have on customers.

From launching new customer propositions, helping further internal tech programs. To making our internal customers and employees lives much more efficient. And also, being able to see the tangible benefits of leading these programs, not only from a commercial perspective but from a customer satisfaction point of view.

Being able to diversify our offering, whether it's launching a new category or launching a mini-business within the big business. I think it's really exciting and it definitely draws upon my best skills.

If you could have used CareerEar when you were changing career, what question would you have asked on the platform?

I would have been able to ask people who are in the fields that I was going into how important it is to have experience either within the fields, and whether it's enough.

I think that that's like one of the key things that I could have really used when changing my career.

Tell us your top tip for any potential career changer

One of my top tips for career changes is research, research, research, research, research. The information is out there. You just have to look for it. You have to seek it out, but equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible about the career that you were trying to go into, whether it's industry, whether it's specific expertise research, research, research.


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