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Career Changer Spotlight: Rachel Ene

Sometimes, in order to fulfil your potential, you have to try something new, change your path, change your industry, unlearn what you know and be open to learning a new way. That's what career changers do. You can do it too.

We're bringing you stories of individuals who changed careers, they found their why and made the transition. Will you?

👋 Meet Rachel and find out about her transition from being a business analyst to becoming a SQL developer

Before you changed careers, what were you doing?

Before I changed careers, I was working as a business analyst for a Media and Entertainment company, within the technology department. I actually started my career as a contractor, so I moved from company to company to work on short-medium term projects.

Being a business analyst is a diverse role as you could be working on any part of a business to improve its efficiency and processes, but as you can imagine, working as a contractor also added an extra layer of diversity and change to the role.

Why did you decide that you needed to move away from that career path?

I recently decided that I wanted to move away from being a business analyst due to the recent pandemic and changes by the government.

The government’s recent changes to IR35 - a change in the way contractors are taxed, meant that a lot of business analyst contracts have disappeared, and I needed to find a career path with better employment opportunities for the future.

Having all of this downtime posed as a good opportunity for me to re-skill and up-skill myself.

And what career are you now in?

I am still on my way to becoming an SQL developer and I hope to use CareerEar to help me get there. I am really excited about becoming an SQL developer because I already have many of the skills.

I understand how to interface with the business side already, and this is often what developers struggle with.

How will you be using CareerEar to help you change your career?

I will be using CareerEar to try and reach out to people who are currently developers.

It would be good to get to speak to developers working within different industries, so that I can understand the differences in their day to day and also I could ask them the most efficient resources I could use to up-skill myself.

Tell us your top tip for any potential career changer

When it comes to changing careers, for me, the most important thing is understanding the skills you have and what you are interested in and then trying to find where that could lead you.

Passion makes change easy, so lead with what you like, then what you are good at, and you can always find a career path or make your own!


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