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CareerEar is Hiring!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

If you are interested in joining a fast-growing, investor backed, tech for good, 4 day a week company (Wheeeew! That's a lot of buzz words, even for us!)

Check out our latest vacancies below.

Account Executive

Join our team to embark on one key mission: Drive revenue through employer partnerships.

If you're passionate about B2B sales and looking for an opportunity that doesn't involve exceptionally slow sales cycles then this could be one for you.

Check out the role here and see if you align with our values and mission and believe that you could thrive at CareerEar.

Head of Operations

For this role, we're looking for someone who gets excited by the three E's - Effectiveness, Efficiency and Expansion. There are probably plenty of other E's but we have to maintain some level of focus, right?

If you're looking for a role with lots of variety and opportunity (we hope that the successful candidate will grow into our COO) then this could be the role for you.

Check out the details here to see if you align with our values and mission and whether you believe that your career could take off with CareerEar.

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