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How do I get a job when I have no experience ?

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You may be at the point in your life where you’re ready to apply for your first job, but concerned because you don’t have any experience. Or maybe you’ve applied to a few jobs and been turned down because of this, but don’t let it discourage you as there are several things that you can do to improve your chances of getting a job. We’re here to help you discover the best course of action you can take to achieve this.

You can start by:

➢ Applying for internships/apprenticeships

Many may suggest that someone without experience should apply to entry level roles; however, many of these roles require candidates to have a certain level of experience. We recommend applying for internships and apprenticeships because your employer won't expect you to have a ton of experience, which means that you can learn on the job!

Internships and apprenticeships give you the opportunity to develop your workplace skills so that when you apply to a more permanent role you’ll be well prepared. There is also a likely chance that your employer may want to hire you after you’ve completed your internship/apprenticeship, or put you in touch with one of their partner companies.

➢ Volunteering

Volunteering is another way for you to gain experience before you apply for a job. Those who volunteer are able to get involved in a community project for the benefit of others, which will allow you to meet new people and learn something new. It’s also great to have on your CV as it shows you’re willing to work hard without receiving any pay for it. This will demonstrate to any employer that you have a good work ethic and are proactive with your time.

Take a look at this article by Grown Ensemble which provides you with 7 Benefits of Volunteering

Taking a skill building course

Having the right skills is what every employer wants from their employees, once you’ve chosen your desired field see what the necessary skills are and then you can decide which course fits you best.

A skill building course will not only increase your chances of getting a job, but it will also give you a boost of confidence. You’ll be able to go into the workplace knowing that you have something to contribute which will make you an asset to the company. Some skill building courses also offer employment opportunities upon completion so have a look around and see what's available to you.

Highlighting your education

If you don’t have experience in the workplace you can use your education to showcase your talents and skills. There are a variety of different skills you may have gained from school, college or university.

Here are some examples of skills you may have acquired during your time in education:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Mathematical

  • Attention to detail

  • Team work

  • Creative thinking

  • Communication

(the list goes on)

Also think about if there were any extra curricular activities or work experience you took part in during your time in education and use it to your advantage by letting your potential employer know how this helped you to develop your skills.

Final Thoughts

We know how daunting it may seem when you are job searching with little to no experience, the best thing you can do is get yourself involved in opportunities within your industry and use the knowledge and skills that you have acquired to make yourself stand out to potential employers. This will surely boost your chances of landing the job that you want!

You can start by checking out our jobs and training board where we post:

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