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My First Job in Digital Marketing - An Interview with Finnbarr Adams

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

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CareerEar is a digital platform that provides those from typically overlooked communities with career-related resources, so that they are able to discover their talents and then use that to explore the best career fit for them. Finnbarr’s story is a great example of this as it demonstrates the amazing results career seekers can achieve by utilising our platform.


Meet Finnbarr Adams, a 22 year old from Telford, Shropshire who is now starting his own e-commerce business!

But how did he get here? Check out our short interview to learn more about his story.

Did you have any career plans prior to starting your own business?

F: No, I worked in Gregg’s for a little bit before COVID happened, and then I got laid off… I struggled to find another job and then I came across CareerEar.

How did CareerEar help you with your career journey?

F: The ‘career detector’ tool helped me figure out that I wanted to go into digital marketing and the platform helped me find the Kickstart scheme, a programme to support young people on Universal Credit through which I did a 6 month paid internship in digital marketing.

What happened after the tool helped you discover that you wanted to get into this field?

F: After using the tool, I was able to successfully complete my internship in digital marketing! My experience exposed me to the world of e-commerce and I have now developed a strong interest in this so I’m slowly working on building my e-commerce business through Amazon.

Finnbarr Adams is a prime example of how your career can change when you least expect it. With the right assistance, regardless of economic status anyone can find the right career path for them. CareerEar is here to help you find your path, taking you from unemployed (or unhappy at work) to employed in a role in which you can thrive!

Claudine Adeyemi, founder of CareerEar speaks about the Career Detector Tool:

The Career Detector Tool was created with the intention to help our community discover careers that match their skill set. To utilise this, participants are required to put their skills into the search engine. This data is then used to provide a list of jobs that match these skills so that users are able to explore possible career opportunities. Many people, like Finnbarr Adams, have difficulty finding a career that suits them. Sometimes they are not even aware of the options that are available to them, which is why this tool is so useful.


Stories like Finnbarr Adam’s are a constant reminder of why we do what we do at CareerEar. So often individuals from overlooked communities are not given access to career-related information and may not even know where to start looking. We provide those individuals with the right tools and resources to make what was once inaccessible, accessible to all.

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