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My Journey into Law - An Interview With Aimen Tanveer

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Meet Aimen Tanveer, a first-generation graduate who is currently working as a paralegal at Danoe, her insightful journey into this industry lets you know how she handled job rejections and got to where she is now through the help of CareerEar and their Kickstart Scheme with DWP.

What were some of the challenges you faced whilst job searching?

Upon reflection, I'd say I faced a range of differing challenges whilst job-hunting post-university. As I graduated in 2020, the peak of Covid-19, I was searching for job openings in a market that was on a very steady decline. The scarce roles that were available, were consequently that much more competitive to pursue, resulting in a lot of rejections flooding my inbox. This, without me even realising, had a profound impact on my confidence. Post-lockdown, when vacancies started to increase I found myself weary, overwhelmed and too intimidated to submit applications. I think a lot of my anxiety just stemmed from lack of knowledge on how to navigate life after university, as a first-generation graduate. Now I realise how vast the scope is for a successful career, I don't restrict myself to engaging only in certain types of opportunities.

How did CareerEar help you with your career journey?

I was very fortunate that CareerEar helped my employer to create opportunities for young people receiving Universal Credit as part of the Government’s Kickstart Scheme and I was able to take advantage of one of these opportunities. Through CareerEar, I was able to ask questions regarding the law industry and got some advice from Claudine (founder of CareerEar) who had a legal background herself. I was given really effective guidance on the options I had available, to establish a career in Law. It was also just really nice to know I had a community of professionals that I could reach out to on an informal basis, purely to ask questions about anything I was confused about career wise.

I know the importance of networking is always stressed by any successful individual, but when you quite literally have no experience or connections in the industry you wish to enter, it can be extremely daunting to make the first step. Indeed the internet has catalysed the convenience for accessible resources and the means to network, but it's organisations like CareerEar that provide a platform for you to make that first step, which makes a substantial difference.

What are some of the skills you've gained from your kickstart role?

My Kickstarter role was really insightful, into the environment and expectations one is to meet whilst working a 9-5 job. I acquired more law specific skills such as adept contract reviewing and effectively liaising with different clients, but was also given the opportunity to adopt new skills taking me completely out of my comfort zone. I helped design and compile the firm's website, learned contract automation & created animation videos for marketing purposes. These tasks I probably would've never undertaken at a larger law firm, but they made my experience more well-rounded and educational.

What are your future career goals?

I'm currently expanding and seasoning my skill-set, seeking opportunities that will facilitate my training to qualify as a solicitor in commercial law. However I do appreciate the legal industry is made up of many other roles, which I am likely to have not encountered yet. So I am keeping an open mind when navigating these opportunities, as my ultimate future career goal is to enjoy what I do and be proud of the work I produce.


Aimen Tanveer’s story is one that highlights the amazing opportunities that job seekers can gain from using the CareerEar platform. CareerEar not only offers innovative and creative solutions to its members, but also supports employers to find incredible opportunities for young people looking to enter the workforce. This Kickstart scheme with DWP has enabled many 16-24 year olds to go on into full-time employment or apprenticeships, demonstrating that anyone can find the right career path for themselves, as long as they are given the tools to do so.

Register for CareerEar & ask career-related questions with our community Q&A to receive advice from people doing the jobs you might be doing next.

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