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Press Release: Impact investors back CareerEar to solve the vacancy crisis with diverse talent

CareerEar raises investment from Resolution Ventures* and angel investors including Sam Gordon (Co-founder of Executive Search Firm, Gordon & Eden) to power the future workforce with talent from underserved communities.

Founders, Claudine Adeyemi and Precious Ene at Web Summit, Lisbon

CareerEar, led by two black female founders, uses technology to provide unique and holistic career support to those who need it the most. It combines labour market data with a community of industry experts to help users navigate their career paths, make informed choices and access upskilling and job opportunities.

Founder and CEO, Claudine Adeyemi said: “We’re excited to have the backing of some fantastic investors who believe in our vision to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their potential. There are more than 1.2m unfilled vacancies in the UK alone** and employers are under increasing pressure to diversify their workforces, meaning career support for unemployed and low-paid workers who need to upskill or transition must now be delivered at scale.”

It comes just as the Government announces Universal Credit claimants will now only have four weeks instead of three months to find a job in their chosen sector to avoid being sanctioned, as they aim to get 500,000 people into jobs by June 2022. CareerEar uses technology to provide 24/7 support to help these individuals to discover career paths they may not have known about and move through their journey faster. CareerEar has already worked with fast growing companies such as New Statesman Media Group and amicable, as well as the Department for Work and Pensions, and will be using the funding to grow its network of partners.

Louise Marston, Director of Ventures, Resolution Ventures said: “CareerEar joins our Workertech portfolio as the first venture to directly address careers advice for job seekers from communities that are underrepresented within higher paying sectors. This is an important issue for the Workertech Partnership in our mission to improve the world of work for those in low-paid or precarious work. We believe that co-founders Claudine Adeyemi and Precious Ene make a great founding team to tackle this problem, and we’re excited to join CareerEar on their journey to improving work for underserved communities in the UK.”



  • *Resolution Ventures is the social investment arm of the Resolution Foundation, an independent think-tank focused on improving living standards for those on low to middle incomes. Resolution Ventures leads the Workertech Partnership, an investment programme for early-stage tech ventures seeking to improve the world of work for low-paid and precarious workers.

  • **According to ONS data here

  • Contact Claudine Adeyemi for further information - info [AT] careerear [dot]

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