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The Life Of A Copywriting Intern: My Main Responsibilities

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Copywriting is a super important part of marketing, the role of a copywriter is to use words persuasively to encourage consumers to take some form of action. If you’re considering taking a copywriting internship but not sure what to expect, I’m here to let you know what my main responsibilities are so you can get some insight into the life of a copywriting intern 😊

My main responsibilities as a copywriter for CareerEar are:

Producing A Weekly Bulletin

As a copywriter intern one of my main responsibilities is to produce a weekly bulletin for those subscribed to our mailing list.

This bulletin includes:

  • Jobs/Training

At CareerEar we are always providing our community with incredible job opportunities, every week I select four of these and advertise them in the bulletin so that people never miss out on what’s available to them!

  • Events

It’s also my responsibility to find 2-3 career events to upload onto our platform for our community. These events are purposefully targeted to our demographic of users. They provide our community with a chance to build a network and learn new skills so that they can flourish in their careers. I also include these in the bulletin for everyone to have access to.

  • Career Advice

There is also a section that offers workplace tips/advice, for example one week might be on ‘3 bad workplace habits’ or ‘questions to ask your potential employer’. I also use this section to share the latest relevant blog for our career seekers so that anyone on our mailing list can get more in depth career advice.

A Monthly Employer Newsletter

It’s also my job to ensure that we have a monthly newsletter sent out to the employers on our contact list. This newsletter keeps employers up to date with what we’re doing at CareerEar, the latest D&I news, events for professionals and our latest musings.

Both the bulletin and newsletter allow me to tap into my creativity as I can play around with the colour scheme, images, and the wording to create content for our audience to engage with.

Creating Weekly Blogs

Another one of my responsibilities as a copywriter is to publish a blog every week, this alternates between a blog for career seekers and one for employers. Before writing these blogs I have to conduct research on what topics are trending and what people need the most assistance with. I then research these topics in further detail to deepen my learning and knowledge so that I am able to confidently write about them. This information is then used to create a piece that offers advice and assistance to our target audience.

Career seeker blogs:

Employer blogs:

Blogs not only provide our users with information, but they also work on building SEO (search engine optimisation) for the brand. This means that they have to follow a certain structure so that the page can be recognised by Google.

Compiling Case Studies

Case studies are the perfect opportunity to highlight the impact our platform has on its users. I reach out to people that we would like to create case studies for and interview them, allowing them to showcase what they gained/learned from using the CareerEar platform.

These case studies are used so that people who are interested in working with us can see examples of what it is that we do and the impact that it has had.

Here is an example of one these case studies:

Assisting Team Members With Copy Needs

As a marketing team we frequently post across our social media platforms, which means that sometimes I will be asked to assist with a caption idea for a competition we might be running, or we may be announcing a new opportunity for our platform and need some copy for that. This allows me to develop my skills as a copywriter as I am not restricted to my daily tasks and can get involved with team projects.


The type of content that you produce as a copywriter will vary depending on the company that you work for. If you are a creative individual who enjoys writing and marketing, then this is the perfect role for you as it allows you to simultaneously do all three!

If you have any questions about copywriting or maybe another job role, ask a question on our platform and a professional will get back to you with an answer!

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