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Defining a 'Skill' Within the Future of Work: A Scoping Review, May 2022

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This piece of research provides an analysis of the existing literature on the definition of a "skill" and proposes a new working definition, fit for the future of work:

"A capability,

that has been acquired through learning, practice and experience,

and put into action."

Our report makes a number of recommendations including:

  1. That this definition of a skill should be adopted across sectors to improve uniformity of data and understanding by career seekers, employers and educators alike

  2. That further links between business and educators ought to be developed to encourage the value of skills development, including developing pilots to test skills assessment frameworks

  3. That a network of stakeholders interested in developing this definitional work within the skills space should be maintained.

Download our research today to explore our analysis and findings further and to join a fast growing network of stakeholders invested in improving the skills development sector.

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