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Engage and employ young, quality, diverse talent

Our young people are looking for exciting opportunities at inclusive companies!


Engage and employ young, quality, diverse talent


You want to hire the best talent but you struggle to engage and employ those from underrepresented groups.


Career Ear allows you to share your content and opportunities with a diverse pool of engaged, quality talent, tailored to suit their interests and skills.


We’re not your standard recruitment platform - we are THE recruitment platform.


Develop your entire pipeline of talent through us by recruiting attendees to your events, insight days, and work experience programmes as well as for roles within your school leaver and graduate programmes and all those entry-level jobs that you have available.


We’re the platform of choice for young people because they are already using our platform to discover their career options, engage with the very professionals that you already employ and determining their future with knowledge and insights they’ve not previously had access to.

You can recruit from our pool based on interests, skills and alignment.



Young People

Explore your options, discover your skills, engage with industry experts and access a range of opportunities


So you’re preparing for life after sixth form or uni but you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to deciding your future career path or how to navigate it all. Guess what? We hear this all the time.


So we’ve decided to do something to fix this and have built you Career Ear: a single place for you to receive tailored, advice and insights from corporates and industry professionals, all based on your own interests and needs. Watch videos, ask questions to real professionals and play games all to help you make informed decisions about your future.


Once you have an idea of the path you’d like to pursue, you can also access events, insight days, work experience opportunities, entry-level jobs, apprenticeships and graduate jobs - basically, we house all the work-related opportunities that you need!

Sounds perfect right? Great! Sign up to the Beta platform, join our community and be a part of building a better tomorrow!

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