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A better way to build trust

Support job-seekers with Earlybird, a voice-based onboarding tool for employability providers. Gain a deep understanding of your job-seekers before your first meeting.

Save time, save money and deliver better outcomes.

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We understand the challenges you are facing as employability providers

We interviewed employability providers and here's what they had to say

  • 81% of interviewees spoke about time challenges around the initial onboarding of participants, but stressed the importance of “getting to know the participant”
  • Over 70% were frustrated that they are unable to give more time to each participant because of the high numbers of cases
  • 81% of employment advisors said that automating the onboarding process would mean that they could spend more time signposting and providing solutions during their initial meeting
  • More than 50% of respondents raised the point that "employment outcomes are important for storytelling, to attract learners and to grow business” 

Earlybird, a voice-based onboarding SaaS tool for employability providers

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Using voice, participants are onboarded in 20 mins; insights are extracted and sent to you

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Save time

Spend more time on overcoming challenges and creating personalised action plans

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Better outcomes

Deliver against targets whilst achieving better learning and job outcomes for your participants

Organisations that trust us


Here's what people say about us

“I got the support I needed to find a job in which I feel comfortable learning and helped me grow as a person.”

Charlotte G.

Natasha P, Managing Director

“Using CareerEar's technology and working with their team has helped us to be more efficient and further deepen the impact of our programmes for our participants.”

John T, Senior Employment Adviser

“Managing caseloads of 150+ jobseekers is tough and some of my former colleagues have left as a result. EarlyBird is just what we need to save us time so we can do more for our customers and really manage our caseloads."

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We’re on a mission to make sure that everyone can find a path that’s right for them.

At CareerEar we are a team with lived experiences, read 

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