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The Skills Series 2

The skills series is back with another instalment from 4 industry leaders

About the event

A major issue in the UK is low interest in lifelong learning - 49% of adults who leave compulsory education have never studied again, not even informally.

We want to encourage a more positive attitude towards continuous education, learning and development.

We take a deep dive into the skills journey and career insights from a diverse range of industry leaders. Their attitude toward learning will blow you away. 

If you’re a career-seeker or thinking about a career change, you don’t want to miss these insights.

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Frank Starling​ - CEO, Variety Pack

Our CEO, Claudine Adeyemi has a chat with Frank Starling - CEO of Variety Pack.


Discussing everything you need to know about skills and more!

Sue Stephens - Country Lead: Business Growth Malaysia, Facebook

Sue joins us to drop some major gems about how to build transferable skills, the importance of mentorship, and why having a growth mindset can set you up for success. 

Alain 'Fusion' Clapham  - Present, Host & Facilitator

Alain 'Fusion' Clapham, the self-professed ‘Transformative Storyteller’ has presented shows for MTV and Sky, hosted events at Wembley Arena, interviewed the likes of Beyoncé, Dr. Dre, and Stan Lee.


 Alain Clapham and Claudine cover a huge range of topics and Alain's experience and knowledge really shines here as he discusses the career industry and the changing times. Big thanks to Alain Clapham for coming on and talking with us! 

Isha Kaur - Area Lead, Ashiana Charity

Isha Kaur is the West Yorkshire Area Lead for the charity Ashiana, overseeing the Anti-Modern Slavery and Human trafficking department, as well as assisting at the Domestic Violence refuges we have in West Yorkshire.


In this amazing episode, Isha Kaur gives some amazing career advice while also sharing her incredible experience with humanitarian work for the charity Ashiana. Isha also shares some great insights into running your own small business and share tips on remaining sustainable and eco-friendly.

You've come along way! 🙌


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