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Earlybird: a voice-based onboarding tool for employability providers


Before your initial meeting, be equipped with insights and the right tools to help your participants overcome their specific barriers

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How does Earlybird help you?

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Hear directly from our Head of Sales, Damien:

Start getting insights now

We understand the challenges you are facing as employability providers

We interviewed employability providers and here's what they had to say

  • 81% of interviewees spoke about time challenges around the initial onboarding of participants, but stressed the importance of “getting to know the participant”
  • Over 70% were frustrated that they are unable to give more time to each participant because of the high numbers of cases
  • 81% of employment advisors said that automating the onboarding process would mean that they could spend more time signposting and providing solutions during their initial meeting
  • More than 50% of respondents raised the point that "employment outcomes are important for storytelling, to attract learners and to grow business” 

Organisations that trust us


Our vision is a world in which everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve their potential

We are a team of lived experience. We come from diverse backgrounds in academic research, computer science, law and more.

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