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  • Who is CareerEar for?
    CareerEar is a data-driven, community-powered online platform for individuals who need to make decisions on their first or next career. We particularly support individuals from underrepresented groups who do not typically have networks of support or equal access to opportunities. Through Q&A, our opportunities/event feed and content, we empower career-seekers and changers to discover their career options; gain insights from industry professionals and then access exciting career-related opportunities. CareerEar is also for professionals who want to assist and share wisdom with those looking for advice. We also work closely with employers and training providers who are looking to attract engaged and diverse talent. The CareerEar platform makes it easy to post insight days, jobs, events, and training courses to specific groups.
  • I'm a career seeker/changer. How do I get started?
    Step 1 To get started on CareerEar you first need to create an account via Step 2 Once you're registered, we encourage you to add in some details about yourself. Adding information about your education and career so far enables us to personalise your journey with us. Step 3 Once you've made a start on your profile, you can access the CareerEar community. Here you can explore questions and answers from other users, find career opportunities posted by employer users and CareerEar, and find useful articles. Step 4 Ask a question to our community. CareerEar has 100s of professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries, meaning you can get personalised answers to your most pressing career-related questions. Tag your question with a maximum of three industries. Step 5 Keep your profile up to date, and browse new answers, opportunities, and the latest content. We'll be sure to notify you about new features on the platform.
  • Where can I ask a career question?
    First make sure you're registered user. If you are already a registered user you need to login into the CareerEar community. Click the "Ask a question" button from the community feed. Type up your career question a post to the community. Be sure to tag relevant industries to your question, if relevant, so we can provide you with answers from industry experts.
  • Can the public access content in CareerEar
    CareerEar is a closed platform and only members who have created an account and logged in can view your profile, questions, articles etc. There some sections of the website which are public facing. These include our blog and some events/opportunities are emailed to users.
  • I would like to partner or work with CareerEar. Who can I contact?
    We strongly believe that the best way to have apositive, meaningful impact on the lives of those who need support is through collaboration. If you or your organisation share our mission and have an idea for collaboration we'd love to hear from you. Please email with details of your network and one of our team members will get back to you.
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