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A step by step guide for using the CareerEar platform

We’re happy to announce a new and improved version of CareerEar, one that is going to change the lives of our members through the many benefits that come with it. In this blog we’ll be providing you with a step by step guide on how you can best use the platform to create your very own personalised career plan.

1. Sign up

To get the most out of what CareerEar has to offer, you should sign up to the platform. During this process you will be taken through the onboarding process where you will provide us with information about you and your:

  • Goals

  • Industries of interest

  • Confidence levels

  • Hurdles that may affect you achieving your goals

The information will provide us with what we need to assist you with making the best personalised career plan.

2. Create goals

Goals is a brand new feature in the CareerEar platform. Our members told us that they needed a sense of direction and support to stay on track in pursuit of their career.

If you don’t have any particular goals in mind we’ve got you covered as the platform will recommend your first set of goals for you based on your answers during the onboarding process. This will help you get started and move forward with your career plan. In your goals there will also be a dropdown where you can view the wins you will need to achieve these goals.

3. Add tasks

You can also add tasks to your career plan, these tasks will be linked to your goals. Let’s say one of your goals is to gain work experience in digital marketing at a tech company, some of your tasks might include: find 10 tech related networking events to attend, attend at least five networking events, search the CareerEar platform for digital marketing opportunities. This will give you a structure to your plan as you’ll know what it is you have to do to ensure that you’re meeting your ultimate goal.

4. Skills Assessment

Once you’ve explored your tasks & goals, why not discover your skills of the future with our skills assessments?

Our selection of future skills are based on what we think would be most useful to you throughout your career journey. When using this tool a chatbot will take you through a series of work related scenarios and your answers will be put into a bar chart so that you understand your strengths and areas in which you may wish to improve - your results will then be measured against the CareerEar average. This will help you to benchmark yourself and see what skills you may need to develop further.

5. Career detector

For many, finding a job that suits their skills can be a challenging task but we’ve taken away the hassle through our Career Detector tool, which is useful for those who are unsure what career options are available to them.

All you have to do is enter any skills you may have or want to explore, which will then generate a list of jobs to match. For example, (as shown in the image below) accounting skills match with jobs such as chief executives, purchasing managers & accountants. Clicking into any of these occupations will allow you to learn about the job description, average salary, working hours etc.

6. Ask a question

If there's anything that you’re unsure about in your career journey or if you’re in need of some advice then you can check out our community Q&A and ask away! Hundreds of professionals in our community are on hand to answer your questions using their experience from working in lots of different industries. Any pressing question you may have might already have been answered too, so have a look and see what others are asking.

7. Explore our jobs & training

We have a page where we post all of our incredible job & training opportunities that are available to you. The jobs we provide are from a range of industries, we have tech jobs, sales jobs and even premier league apprenticeships. So there’s something for everyone! Every week we make sure to have several events for you to choose from, these events are shared by our partners and others that we know will be useful for you on your career journey.

8. Find it all in your vault

We’ve tried to make everything more convenient for our members through our new vault feature that allows you to keep track of your bookmarks, job applications and q&a. You can bookmark career options that you like in the Career Detector tool, jobs and questions and answers from our community.

Having a place for your job applications and all your questions and answers will make it super easy for you to keep track as you explore your options, make those crucial decisions and look for new opportunities.


CareerEar exists for its members, we want your career journey to be as smooth as possible which is why we prioritise making sure that the platform has all the necessary tools you need to find a path that’s right for you. Have an idea for something you’d like to see on our platform? Tell us!

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