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Get employability support for your Kickstarters

Why support your kickstarters through CareerEar?

As part of the government's plan to help young people at risk of long term unemployment, the kickstart scheme is providing fully funded work placements.

We aren't currently accepting any new kickstarter applications through our gateway. However, you can still support your kickstarters through our employability support programme.

About kickstart scheme

Employability support

Each Kickstarter will have access to monthly workshops to equip them with the skills that they need for their next steps.

Each Kickstarter will have access to the CareerEar platform.

Each Kickstarter will have access to bi-monthly check-ins to support them through their placements.

Our employability support programme is available at just £475 per Kickstarter. This can be paid from the £1,500 grant provided by DWP for setup costs and employability support and therefore there is no cost to your business for this support.


Do I have to hire one of the candidates referred by the Job Centre Plus?

Once you receive referrals, you conduct your hiring process as normal, you do not have to hire any of the candidates that you interview. But please note, you'll only receive funding if you hire.

How do the wages get paid?

Once your Kickstarter is on your payroll you should notify us. You will pay them for the hours worked at the end of the month. on the last Friday of the month. HMRC will inform DWP that your employees first salary has been processed and the DWP will then reimburse you directly. This process will repeat for months 2,3,4,5 and 6.

Can I advertise my roles and source candidates myself?

No, only the Job Centre can advertise your roles and source candidates for you. Each young person will have a work coach that refers them to your role if it's a good fit. If you hire a candidate who has not been put forward by their work coach then you won’t be eligible to receive the funding or reimbursement of wages.

What is a Work Coach?

Each young person on Universal Credit has been assigned a work coach who works for Job Centre Plus. Their role is to help that young person find employment. The work coach will refer young people to your roles if they believe that the young person meets the requirements of the role. The young person will then be expected to apply to your role with their CV and covering letter.

What happens if my Kickstarter then leaves their position?

You should contact us as soon as possible. You will not need to repay the set-up cost funding that you received but you should seek a replacement candidate through us.

When does the Employer receive the funding?

The Employer receives the funding once the candidate has started work and is signed up to the Employers payroll. This will be noted by the HMRC who will inform DWP and the funding will be released to GradBay, who will promptly pay the funding to the Employer.

Do I need employers' liability insurance for part-time workers?

Yes, you do need employers' liability insurance for part-time workers. It's a legal requirement to have employers' liability insurance if you have any employees, even if they're part-time or temporary, even if it’s just one employee.

Do I need to enrol my Kickstarter on our pension scheme?

If your Kickstarter is earning less than £10,000 they do not need to be included on your pension scheme but you can enrol them if you wish to do so. 

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